Thought Economics discusses the fundamental nature of charity and philanthropy with the directors and CEO's of some of the foremost Philanthropic organisations - looking at why these phenomena exist together with their role and impact on society. They also discuss their individual journeys in philanthropy, and how their organisations are aiming to tackle some of society’s greatest problems.

  • At every stage of our species’ development, ‘giving’ has been with us. Whether one sees this phenomena as evolutionary (manifest from pro-social behaviour) or spiritual (an urge from deep within our souls), the fact remains that giving- in all its forms- has been one of the greatest factors in the success of humanity and spans all the domains of ‘human’ assets.
  • In reality, there are few (if any) beings on our planet who have not been touched in some way by giving and few (if any) who could argue-away the profound legacies left by the outcomes of man’s urge to improve the present and future position of his society.
  • Without some form of giving, many of mankind’s greatest achievements simply would not have occurred
  • Giving is also one of the few activities mankind often undertakes without the geographic, cultural, social and political prejudices applied to other aspects of life.

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Source Details:, Article & interviews by: Vikas shah (17th January 2016)

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