National Directives

National Directives for Food Security and Agriculture

Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development, 2001
This document builds on the 1997 White Paper on Land Policy that sought to help reverse the injustices
of the past and encourage economic growth. It serves as the policy framework document for the
Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development sub-programme, which seeks to contribute to the
redistribution of 30% of the country’s agricultural land over 15 years; improve nutrition and the income of
rural poor who want to farm on any scale; decongest overcrowded former homeland areas; and expand
opportunities for women and young people who stay in rural areas. Land issues remain a major concern
and, in 2012, the government released a discussion document on land reform policy.
Policy for the Small-scale Fisheries Sector in South Africa, 2012
This policy recognises that artisanal fishers were excluded from the long-term rights allocation process
under the General Policy on the Allocation and Management of Long-term Fishing Rights of 2005, and the
effect this had on small-scale fishing communities. It provides a mechanism for allocating fishing rights
and equitable access to small-scale fishing communities.
National Policy on Food and Nutrition Security, 2013
The goal of the National Policy on Food and Nutrition Security is to ensure the availability, accessibility
and affordability of safe and nutritious food at national and household levels. It builds on the national
Integrated Food Security Strategy that was approved by cabinet in 2002 to eradicate hunger, malnutrition
and food insecurity by 2015. However, a global economic slowdown, increased food price volatility and the
impact of climate change necessitated the review of the strategy and development of a comprehensive
National Food and Nutrition Security policy. 
The policy identifies various pillars of ensuring food and nutrition security, which include building effective food assistance networks, improving nutrition education, aligning investments in agriculture towards local economic development, improving market participation of the emerging agricultural sector
through public-private partnerships and investing in food and nutrition security risk management.
Integrated Agriculture Development Finance Policy Framework for Smallholder Farmers, 2015
The goal of this policy framework is to integrate various types of agricultural finance for smallholder
farmers, offered by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF). This framework also
provides the context within which DAFF can develop a future development finance policy for the
agricultural sector in South Africa.