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SDG 3 aspires to ensure health and wellbeing for all. This includes a commitment to end the epidemics of Aids, tuberculosis, malaria and other communicable diseases by 2030. It also aims to reduce maternal mortality and end preventable deaths of newborns, achieve universal health coverage, and provide access to safe and effective medicines and vaccines for all. Part of this Goal is an intention to strengthen the prevention and treatment of substance and alcohol abuse. Supporting research and development for vaccines, as well as expanding access to affordable medicines, is an essential part of the process of addressing this Goal.

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The Public Health Enhancement Fund (PHEF) was set up by the Department of Health and the private sector in 2012 to strengthen and improve public healthcare in South Africa, through increased cross-sector collaboration and the pooling of corporate social investment (CSI) in health. The Fund, which is managed by the private sector, invests in three key projects:

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When Rose Mkhize’s son passed away, she was left to deal with her grief and to look after her two grandchildren without any means of support. Rose’s story is all too common in a country with such high levels of poverty, inequality and HIV.  Fortunately, with help from Old Mutual, Rose and her two grandchildren did receive much-needed support through Thandanani’s Family Strengthening Project (

The project offers holistic support to families caring for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC). The aim is to reduce their vulnerability, increase stability and promote self-reliance, over a three-year period.

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In communities where poverty forces families to live with the bare necessities, there are girls and boys who are battling to maintain their dignity and self-esteem. The Transnet Teenage Health Programme is turning this situation around. Through awareness, education and mentoring about health and hygiene, the programme is enabling teenagers in our country’s poorest communities to be comfortable in their own skin, have self-confidence, and walk with dignity. 


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Building mutually beneficial relationships with communities is a cornerstone of Mondi’s approach. In 2015, Mondi launched its Growing Responsibly model which provides a framework to demonstrate, monitor and improve the way sustainability is embedded across the business and throughout the value chain. Taking the lead from two major global development frameworks – the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals – Mondi identified 10 priority areas with clearly identified sustainability commitments, including relationships with communities, for 2020 and beyond. 

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GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) South Africa supports access to medicines, quality healthcare and the wellbeing of the communities in which it operates. In 2016, through its corporate social investment (CSI), the pharmaceutical group committed to funding four projects that aligned with its global CSI strategy, which focuses on the management and prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), the eradication of early childhood malnutrition and the provision of quality healthcare for children. GSK ensures that the projects it supports also address the psychosocial effects of illness on affected children and their families.

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