In deep water: The sad, sorry state of Gauteng’s Hennops River

Anthony Duigan of Action for Responsible Management of Our Rivers (Armour) says the Hennops River is in a worse condition than the polluted Vaal River and is “drowning in chemical and industrial effluent”. This 2021 article says the responsibility for this “national disaster” lies with the Ekurhuleni Municipality.

Editorial: South Africa’s next big crisis is water

This editorial indicates that South Africa faces a number of complex water problems that will compromise our access to water in the future. This is particularly the case as South Africans use more water than the global average – 234 litres per person daily as compared to the global average of 173 litres per person per day.


Pit toilets at schools: You can’t fix what you can’t count by Julia Chaskalson- 10 May 2021

The Department of Basic Education and Limpopo Education Department (where the majority of pit toilets are found) repeatedly say they will prioritise eradicating pit toilets and upgrading sanitation at schools and yet the problem remains. Public interest law centre Section 27 believes that part of the issue in Limpopo lies with inaccurate, incomplete and contradictory data used to track the problem. The article shows that three official sets of data on the extent of the problem in 2018 are not the same. Furthermore, more recent data shows the problem is getting worse as existing infrastructure also degrades and is sometimes replaced with inadequate solutions. 

As the Limpopo Department of Education has filed an affidavit stating that pit toilets will only be eradicated by 2030 due to budgetary constraints, Section 27 is returning to court to request an independent audit of sanitation needs in the province. 

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[WEBINAR] Corporate responsibility in ensuring equitable access to clean water and sanitation

According to the Department of Water and Sanitation’s 2020/21 Annual Performance Plan, three million households in South Africa do not have access to reliable drinking water and 14.1 million people do not have access to safe sanitation. The 2030 Water Resources Group contends that if our current water usage continues, we will experience a 17% gap between supply and demand by 2030. 

Read more: [WEBINAR] Corporate responsibility in ensuring equitable access to clean water and sanitation

Water services worse than in 1994

"More than 5.3-million households and 21-million people don’t have clean water, despite money being spent on dams and pipelines to deliver water to 95% of the population. Sipho Kings looks at how R1.3-trillion worth of infrastructure has been subject to so much corruption and mismanagement that many places are worse off than in 1994, leaving the state with a R898-billion bill this decade"

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SERI: The Struggle to be Ordinary

"Women living with disabilities in #SouthAfrica’s informal settlements are among the most vulnerable and marginalized.   @SERI_RightsSA is working to ensure that everyone has access to proper sanitation. "

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#WaterCrisis: Leaking pipes lead to huge water waste

During the water crisis in the Western Cape, former Greenpeace director Kumi Naidoo pointed out that the province wastes huge amounts of water through leaking pipes and other infrastructure problems. The City has committed to fixing infrastructure and installing water meters at the houses of the highest consumers.

Access to water and sanitation in South Africa

"Access to clean water and proper sanitation is a fundamental right which, in many instances in South Africa, still needs to be realised. This slideshow provides a brief overview of water and sanitation challenges in South Africa, as well as an introduction to the work of Oxfam’s AACES partners."
Published by Oxfam in South Africa on Jul 7, 2015




African Futures Project: Water & Sanitation

How can Water & Sanitation change Africa? Here's How!

Presented by the Institute for Security Studies and the Pardee Center for International Futures. Produced by Echo Ledge Productions.

Published by Echoledge on Mar 23, 2012


Dire state of hygiene and sanitation in Southern Africa

"Sadly, not everyone around the world has access to safe water and sanitaion. The Africa sanitation and fifth International faecal sludge management conference is taking place in Cape Town this week. This is to discuss the dire state of hygiene and sanitation in Southern Africa. Joining us now is Chilufya Chileshe from Water Aid South Africa. Courtesy #DStv403"

Published by eNCA on Feb 19, 2019



South Africa's 20-year journey in water and sanitation research

"The Water Research Commission of South Africa compiled a book entitled 'Celebrating Twenty Years of Excellence in Water and Sanitation Research' which intertwines the country’s journey since democracy with the journey and developments in water R&D since then."

Published by Water Research Commission on Jan 15, 2015



#CycloneIdai: Cholera prevention and other relief efforts underway

"Around 900,000 doses of cholera vaccine have been unloaded in Mozambique to help stave off a possible epidemic, in the wake of the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai. The immunisation programme will start immediately in unison with an awareness campaign on local radio stations. So far, two cholera deaths and 1,428 cases of the water-borne disease have been confirmed, Aljezeera reports."

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