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Abraham Kriel Bambanani

Abraham Kriel Bambanani


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Hilda Du Toit
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Tel: 011 839-3058

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Abraham Kriel Bambanani

2021 Halpage ad Abrahamkriel for TrialogueEstablished in 1902, the non-profit initially focused only on residential care for children in need, providing them with food, shelter, education, healthcare and therapy to meet their physical and emotional needs. Since 2003, however, it has launched a programme to care for orphaned and vulnerable children in communities, without having to remove them from their homes. The aim of this programme is to provide holistic care to these children so they can develop to the point at which they can sustain themselves and their families, escaping the poverty trap in the process. During the year 2020-2021, there were 219 children up to age 18 in residential care; 600 children in community care programmes, 393 youth and adults older than 18 in its Skills Development programme at Emdeni, 82 pre-school children in its ECDC in Yeoville as well as 26 older children in some form of tertiary education.


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24 November 2021