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Book Dash

Book Dash


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Dorette Louw
Tel: 082 808 4260
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Book Dash

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Book Dash believes every child should own 100 books by the age of five. To this end they gather creative professionals who volunteer to create new African storybooks that anyone can freely download, translate, print and distribute. The books are published under an open license, giving them international reach, and the costs of producing high-quality books are vastly reduced. Book Dash sources funding to print physical copies of the books, and gives them away to children to own.

So far we have created 146 original African children's books, and translated them into a library of more than 500 titles covering all official South African languages. These books are published under an open license, which gives them an international digital reach as anyone worldwide can freely read, adapt and download the books. We also source funding to print physical copies.

We carefully vet any prospective organisation (we consider the organisation's management capacity, sustainability, and the strength of their literacy programme) before we approve them as a distribution partner. Once approved, we donate an abundance of books to our partner organisations and they give the books to children to take home and own. In this way we increase book ownership (resources at home have always been crucial; never more so than in a pandemic where institutions are closed).

Last updated:

24 November 2021