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Rise Against Hunger Africa (RAH Africa)

Rise Against Hunger Africa (RAH Africa)


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Rise Against Hunger Africa (RAH Africa)

RAH Africa aims to eradicate child hunger, specifically among vulnerable children aged 1–6. The organisation works directly with 32 ECD centres, guiding them in the design of strategic plans, and helping them to meet the legislative requirements of the Children’s Act and qualify for registration with the Department of Social Development. This is achieved through the savings created by receiving donated meals from RAH Africa. The organisation also provides training to ECD practitioners.

RAH Africa’s flagship Early Childhood Development Centre Connect Programme (ECD Connect) focuses on providing nutritious meals for children between the ages of 1 to 6 years old. This is critical for them during their developmental years.

Improved quality of learning and increased sustainability of ECD centres

ECD Connect contributes to long-term sustainability of ECD centres by offering micro enterprise development opportunities and support to informal creches. Many of these facilities start out in shacks, operated by a single person, and go on to become fully functional ECD centres. In many cases, the ECD centres are not only able to employ more women to assist with teaching, but also assist these women in obtaining accredited ECD qualifications. A well-established crèche with two or more classes, qualified teachers, proper sanitation and nutrition infrastructure is attractive for parents to send their children to, and can quickly develops into a micro-enterprise with long-term prospects for sustainability.

Expected outcomes:

In addition to well-trained ECD practitioners, RAH Africa aims to ensure each of the ECD centres it supports have the following infrastructure and equipment:

  • Sanitation Infrastructure - potable water, hand wash basins, running toilets
  • Nutrition Infrastructure - stoves, vegetable gardens
  • Safety Equipment - fire extinguishers, First Aid kits, security gates
  • Improved learning environment - classroom structures, educational toys, chalk boards

Last updated:

20 November 2021