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Shonaquip Social Enterprise

Shonaquip Social Enterprise
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Shonaquip Social Enterprise



Shonaquip Social Enterprise believes that with an appropriate assistive device, knowledge to make informed choices and agency to action them, a family of a child with a disability will never need to experience their child as less valued. The organisation builds capacity and an ecosystem of support to address the barriers to inclusion for children with disabilities and their families. Its focus is on building capacity for inclusion for children with disabilities and their families. ShonaquipSE runs  geographically focused, ecosystem capacity building programmes encompassing community disability awareness, outreach clinics, capacitation of ECD practitioners, social workers, NGOs, therapists and other local service providers . Their work is supported by its Parent Champion Programme, referral pathway strengthening, community profiling and research.  Where necessary, ShonaquipSE  supplements government provision of wheelchairs and assistive devices. 

ShonaquipSE’s approach is to build capacity through workshops, trainings and dialogues.  In the case of clinical service provision for children with disabilities, the organisation mentors therapists through joint service provision.

The focus on ecosystem capacity building is based on an understanding that all barriers to inclusion for children with disabilities. These barriers include stigma and perception, access to education, access to services, access to clinical support and access to assistive devices and are addressed simultaneously rather than sequentially.

As a hybrid social enterprise, Shonaquip, Uhambo and the Champions Trust have been designed to complement each other providing the opportunity to manufacture and provide clinically adjustable, rurally appropriate and robust mobility and 24hour posture support devices, coupled with outreach services and capacity building programmes. The combination of legal entities allows opportunity for sustainability as well as a focus on capacitating the provision of services and programmes offered to empower children with disabilities and their families in low resourced communities at scale .

The most recent addition to the organisations’ activities is The Parent Network, an online network of parents of children with disabilities across South Africa who provide and benefit from peer support, information and training, and referral services.

ShonaquipSE’s approach is based on the WHO designed Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Matrix, with five components: Health, Education, livelihood, Social & Empowerment.  CBR is a strategy within community development for the rehabilitation, equalisation of opportunities and social inclusion of people with disabilities. ShonaquipSE includes families and caregivers of children with disabilities in all programmes.


Programme areas:

  • Health: Designing and manufacturing mobility assistive devices. Training health care professionals, parents and caregivers, funding mobility and positioning devices and running rural outreach clinics.
  • Education: Training, mentoring and resourcing future inclusive ECD Centres and working with Care Homes and Home Based Care providers, learnerships and training opportunities for unemployed people with disabilities.
  • Social: Providing social work services, outreach services, capacity building for stakeholders and NGOs.
  • Empowerment: Running community disability dialogues and Parent Champion Programmes.
  • Livelihood: Over 27% of Shonaquip’s staff have disabilities. The organisation also provides consultancy services for companies to build opportunities for inclusive employment.

Shonaquip’s programmes respond to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Goal 3: Healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
  • Goal 4: Inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning
  • Goal 10: Reduce Inequalities.

Shonaquip builds public private partnerships and capacitates local stakeholders as part of its commitment to SDG Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals. This combination will serve to address the barriers to Goal 1: No Poverty; Goal 8:  Decent Work and Economic Growth for children (and adults) with disabilities and their families.

Shonaquip uses bespoke M&E tools based on Acumen Lean Data principles to ensure its programmes provide quality, sustainable impact.


Last updated:

23 November 2021