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The Caitlin Douman Foundation

The Caitlin Douman Foundation
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Marcelle Daniels
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The Caitlin Douman Foundation

The Caitlin Douman Foundation is a non–profit organisation whose purpose and objective is to nurture and support families with children with special needs by increasing their access to  basic services at no cost to the families. Its main focus areas are disability awareness, education around special needs, as well as support structures for both parents as well as children living with disabilities. These services also include different forms of therapy as well as parental empowerment and advocating for the rights of children with special needs.

 The Caitlin Douman Foundation has a holistic approach to the needs of the disabled, all projects work in tandem, one in support of the other. This includes the assessment of clients, therapy sessions with both those living with disabilities as well as their families, and empowerment, advocacy and awareness programmes on issues affecting children with special needs.

The Caitlin Douman Foundation has forged partnerships with different stakeholders in the community, such as South African Police Service, National Prosecuting Authority, Child Welfare, the Local Drug Action Committee, the South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, the Teddy Bear Clinic, and various other entities. The organisation works closely with its partners in both the advocating for disability rights as well as implementing awareness programmes on social ills within the communities it serves. Partnerships with both mainstream as well as special needs schools have also been established in order to achieve a cohesive approach to dealing with the plight of children with special needs.

Given the socio-economic factors in target communities, there is a fundamental need for support for children with special needs, as often, parents can neither afford the necessary therapy, nor have the skills necessary to keep their children stimulated. It is also important to educate parents on dealing with special needs and to empower them on how to cope with raising their children. Through its relationships with various stakeholders, the Caitlin Douman Foundation has broadened its database of resources, assistance and guidance surrounding disabilities and people living with special needs. Joint awareness activations have also received media coverage, thereby raising awareness on the plight of children with special needs. The organisation has had positive feedback from parents as well as the community at large regarding its efforts to bring relief and assistance to those in need.

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Last updated:

22 November 2021