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The Proficiency Foundation Trust

The Proficiency Foundation Trust


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Megan Gillings
Tel: 078 456 4026
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The Proficiency Foundation Trust

The Proficiency Foundation Trust has partnered with Clever Minds Direct’s Saturday School Project, which is based on teaching complex mathematical concepts with physical, hands-on manipulatives that convert an abstract concept to a concrete, visual representation, with a guaranteed minimum improvement of 15% creating a better understanding for mathematics. The focus is on teaching maths to underserved schools / learners.

The Trust trains, supports and assists teachers across all grades while enabling learners to master conceptual understanding, procedural skill, proficiency and application, fostering deep critical thinking among learners and educators alike. Outcomes include making a substantial, measurable impact on mathematical complacency, overcoming the barrier to entry to mathematics, and assisting in promoting maths core as a retained subject in the FET phase.

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Last updated:

22 November 2021