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PSG's Mouton kicks off SA upliftment dream with R1bn donation

A recent personal donation of R1bn is just the beginning of an even bigger dream PSG founder Jannie Mouton has for his philanthropically orientated Jannie Mouton Foundation. "I have a huge dream to increase the foundation by donating more and more of my PSG shares to it. I have donated R1bn now, but in years to come I want to increase that amount substantially," Mouton told Fin24.

Asked why he did not - like Buffet - just donate money to the Gates Foundation, Mouton said he would rather focus on needs in South Africa. "I want to create something in South Africa. I see a need in South Africa," said Mouton. "My family and I think education is very important and that could be the basis of the foundation. There are a lot of disadvantaged people and education can play a big role in years to come," he explained.