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Redefining African Philanthropy

The drive for sustainable development and the challenge to eradicate poverty for a for a better world is often regarded as work for those on a global stage. But around the African continent, communities are showing that the daily building of a sustainable world is being done from the humblest spaces, often starting with families and growing into countries and regions.

The latest evidence of this is the World Bank’s “Migration and Remittances: Recent Developments and Outlook” report which shows that formal remittance inflows to the Sub-Saharan Africa region are projected to increase by 10 percent from about $34 billion in 2016 to $38 billion in 2017. Of this, Nigeria, with projected remittances of $22.3 billion in 2017 will continue to be the largest remittance recipient in the region.

Of course, there are main reasons why remittances are high - but a substantial portion of this is family members sending home funds to support communities in need.

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