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The National Policy on Whole School Evaluation

Government Gazette Vol.433, No. 22512 of July 2001, Pretoria

wsdpolicyWhole-school evaluation is the cornerstone of the quality assurance system in schools. It enables a school and external supervisors to provide an account of the school’s current performance and to show to what extent it meets national goals and the needs of the public and communities. This approach provides the opportunity for acknowledging the achievements of a school and for identifying areas that need attention. Whole-school evaluation implies the need for all schools to look continuously for ways of improving, and the commitment of Government to provide development programmes designed to support their efforts.

For many years, there has been no national system of evaluating the performance of schools, and there is no comprehensive data on the quality of teaching and learning, or on the educational standards achieved in the system. As a result, the National Policy on Whole-school Evaluation is being introduced. This complements other quality assurance initiatives conducted under the aegis of systemic evaluation, namely: accreditation of providers, programme and service reviews and monitoring learning achievements. 

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