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Social Enterprise Models

Social Franchise Model

Ground Up is an example of a social franchise model of social enterprise. This includes a training and skills development component, as well as an income generation and enterprise development component. 


In 2014, Learn to Earn (LtE) celebrated 25 years of serving the unemployed through skills training while facilitating the restoration of dignity and self-respect. To commemorate our past achievements, in which we average a 79% success rate of unemployed persons become economically active, we marked the occasion by launching a new training initiative. 

Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world and is one of the fastest growing sectors in the South African economy. With this in mind LtE established the Ground Up Barista Academy, where unemployed people are trained and developed for the burgeoning coffee industry. All training is done in line with LtE’s approach to holistic human development – social, economic, emotional and spiritual.

Ground Up is made of the training division, Ground Up Barista Academy and then an income generating division, Ground Up Mobile.

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