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The Philanthropy Office at Nedbank Private Wealth

With over 180 years of expertise and knowledge of the sector, we continue to service our donor and non-profit clients with the passion that repeatedly earns us international recognition for philanthropic advice and social impact investing.

We provide specialised advice on all aspects of philanthropy to individuals and businesses. Our advice enables our donor clients to make the most of their giving through effective foundations. With more and more individuals wanting to leave a lasting legacy, we help individuals and family foundations to professionalise their giving.

Good corporate citizenship is fundamental to the society in which businesses operate, and corporate social investment (CSI) forms an important part of this, increasingly becoming a business imperative. A sustainable foundation means a sustainable social investment by business.

Our passion extends to our work with non-profit organisations (NPOs), which continue to play a vital role in the development of our country. We aim to optimise their efforts towards long-term financial sustainability to ensure they continue operating, despite the challenging economic and funding environment. Experience has shown that any successful sustainability strategy involves the successful buildup and investment of reserve funding. We partner with organisations to provide investment solutions and advice that is both relevant to and appropriate for their needs.

With over R7 billion under management and administration for donors and NPOs, we value the trust they place in us.

Donors, and the beneficiary organisations they support, have a common goal – to make a difference. Through our work in the philanthropy office we seek to create a link between them and foster stronger relationships through experience gained over many years of working with both. This giving survey is one of the ways in which Nedbank Private Wealth continues to build closer relationships. We remain committed to growing and strengthening this sector and to stimulating further debate and discourse.